Crafting Digital Success for Tattoo Studios and Artists

From stunning website designs that capture the essence of your artistry to strategic SEO campaigns that put your studio at the top of search results, we’re here to make sure your digital presence is as impactful as your tattoos.

Struggling to Get Your Art Noticed?

In today’s world, being a great tattoo artist isn’t just about your skills and creativity. It’s equally about getting noticed and connecting with people online.

Many skilled artists and lively studios struggle to showcase their work in crowded online spaces. No matter how much effort you put into your art, if it doesn’t reach the right audience online, you might miss out on attracting new clients.

The real challenge isn’t the quality of your art, but how you present it online. Since most people use the internet and social media to find their next tattoo, having a strong online presence is crucial. But making your mark online can be tough without the right strategy or tools, almost like trying to be heard in a noisy room.

Our Complete Digital Solution: Get Your Art Noticed!

Elevate your tattoo studio with our all-in-one digital package. We mix sleek web design, easy maintenance, smart PPC ads, Google My Business boosts, active social media, and SEO strategies to increase your visibility and leads.

Web Design & Maintenance: Get a website that showcases your art and stays up-to-date effortlessly.
PPC & Google My Business: Be seen by those searching for tattoos with targeted ads and local listings.
Social Media: Turn your social profiles into galleries that engage fans and attract new clients.
SEO: Climb Google rankings and get found by more potential clients with our SEO expertise.

Together, these strategies form a robust digital foundation, designed to not only get your art noticed but to turn that visibility into tangible growth for your studio. With our complete digital solution, you’re not just surviving the online competition; you’re thriving.

Digital Success for Tattoo Studios and Artists

Solutions to get your art noticed

Discover our range of specialized web and marketing services designed exclusively for the tattoo industry.

Tattoo Studio Websites

Bespoke websites designed to mirror the individual artistry and values of tattoo studios, effectively attracting the perfect clientele. These sites highlight the unique talents and aesthetic of each tattoo artist, ensuring that potential customers can easily connect with the studio that matches their vision.

Tattoo Artist Websites

Personalized websites tailored to showcase the unique style and philosophy of individual tattoo artists, designed to draw in clients who resonate with their specific artistic vision. These platforms highlight each artist’s portfolio and personal brand, making it easier for potential clients to find an artist whose work truly speaks to them.

Tattoo Industry Marketing

Innovative digital solutions crafted specifically for both tattoo artists and studios, aimed at boosting online presence, engaging with the desired audience, and growing the client list. These strategies encompass a range of techniques from SEO to social media marketing.

More Online Enquiries & Leads

Repeat Business on Demand

The Ability to Predicably Scale

Our Tattoo Marketing Process

Unleash the power of tailored marketing solutions crafted exclusively for the tattoo industry, setting your brand apart in a competitive market.

#1 Talk, Design & Plan

First, we chat to understand your situation and goals to see how we can help. We might suggest a new website, a marketing plan, or something else based on what we learn. Then, we’ll make a plan to reach your goals and write it down, so we both know what comes next.

#2 Implement

Next, we put the plan into action, closely monitoring to ensure it meets your goals, whether that’s getting more leads, boosting traffic, or something else.

#3 Repeat

We operate in cycles and dislike long-term contracts. Periodically, we’ll check in with your preferences and goals, tweaking our approach to suit your evolving needs.

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